Sugarfree healthier apple pie

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12 apple pie slices

If I had to name one thing that I had to eat the rest of my life, it would definitely be apple pie! The smell alone will make me drool! It has been a long time since I have made an apple pie myself. So it was time again to get started and make a sugarfree healthier apple pie.

You can wake me up anytime of the time for a slice of apple pie. If it would be possible I would bottle the smell when the apple pie comes fresh out of the oven and use it as perfume. It’s just so cozy and gives me a feeling of home. I worked in a restaurant where they would make home-made fresh apple pie every Friday morning. The smell when you entered the restaurant that morning was just incredible. As you can guess, I always wanted to work on Fridays!

So let’s get started with this sugarfree healthier apple pie. Yes, healthier apple pie. I am not a fan of labelling recipes as “healthy” or “unhealthy”. As long as you have a balanced lifestyle, there will always be a place for a slice of apple pie in your diet. To give this recipe more health benefits, I used whole wheat flour and low carb almond flour instead of just using regular white flour. This way, your blood sugar levels will stay more stable instead of spiking like crazy when eating this sugar free apple pie.

How is this apple pie then sugar free? I used the sugar substitutes from Steviala. These sweeteners are made from stevia sweetener and erythritol. These are both sweeteners from nature and don’t spike your blood sugar levels. Of course, this apple pie is not completely 100% sugar free because apples still contain natural sugars. But you need those! So this apple pie is free of refined sugars.

Did you know that you can easily make a vegan version by using plant-based butter? All the other ingredients are vegan. Yes, I did not use eggs or milk in this recipe. So this recipe for sugarfree healthier apple pie can also be made vegan!

Serve the sugar free apple pie with some whipped cream and sugar free salted caramel sauce from Steviala and enjoy!

sugarfree healthier apple pie

Baking supplies

For this recipe you will need the following:

  • mixing bowl
  • kitchen machine
  • plastic foil
  • springform pan of 28 cm
  • baking paper
  • rolling pin

This recipe makes 12 portions. The mentioned macros are per portion.

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Adjust Servings
300 grams whole wheat flour
100 grams low carb almond flour
75 grams white sugar substitute
25 grams brown sugar substitute
10 grams baking powder
pinch of salt
zest of 1 lemon
3 grams cinnamon or gingerbread spices
200 grams cold butter cubes
extra whole wheat flour to roll out the douch
Sugarfree apple pie filling
1 kilo apples
juice of 1 lemon
50 grams brown sugar substitute
20 grams custard powder or arrworoot powder
5 grams cinnamon or gingerbread spices
30 grams grounded bread crumbs
15 grams apricot spread



Making the pie crust – step 1

Start with making the pie crust. Sift the whole wheat flour, almond flour, sugar substitute, brown sugar substitute, baking powder, salt en cinnamon or gingerbread spices. Add the zest of 1 lemon to this and mix it everything. Then add the cold butter cubes to the dry ingredients and knead until you become an even dough. Don’t want to make your hands dirty? Then use a kitchen machine with dough hook. Wrap the dough in plastic foil and let it rest for 30 minutes in de fridge.
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Making the apple filling – step 2

Next, peel 1 kilo of apples. Cut the apples in thin slices and add them to a large mixing bowl. Then add the juice of 1 lemon to the apples. By doing this, the apples won’t start getting brown. Then add the brown sugar substitute, custard powder (or arrowroot powder) and cinnamon (or gingerbread spices). Set this aside.
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Forming the apple pie crust – step 3

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees. Dust some extra whole wheat flour on your kitchen counter and roll the dough into a flat piece with a rolling pin. Line the springform pan with baking powder. You can also spray some baking spray on the sides so the crust won’t stick to the springform pan. Then lay the apple pie crust in the springform pan. Also cover the sides. Make sure you leave ¼ of the dough for decorating the top of the apple pie.
Then you add the grounded bread crumbs to apple pie crust. By doing this, the apple pie won’t get soggy after it is cooled down. Next add the apple filling and press it down a bit. Roll out the left over dough and make a topping of your choice. I went for a simple but beautiful striped pattern. Also make sure that your cover the sides of the apple pie.
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Baking the apple pie – step 4

Then place the springform pan in the oven for 60 minutes. Is the apple pie getting too brown? Then simply cover the springform pan with some aluminium foil. Let the apple pie completely cool down before cutting out 12 slices. Serve with some whipping cream and sugar free caramel sauce.
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