Sugar free condensed milk

45 minutes


1 portion

Condensed milk is a delicious ingredient in many recipes. You can use it for home made ice-cream, fudge or to sweeten your cup of coffee. Store-bought condensed milk is full of sugar, but with this recipe you make your own sugar free condensed milk!

The secret to creamy home made ice cream? Condensed milk! When you use condensed milk, the cream or yoghurt or whatever base product you use will not crystallize. In this way, your ice cream will be soft and creamy when you get it out of the freezer.

Especially when you are making sugar free ice cream, this will be an obstacle. Sugar free ice cream is known for being too hard to bite into. If you wait for a few minutes, the sugar free ice cream will melt a bit, which makes it creamy again. But if you are impatient like me, you can use this recipe for condensed milk.

I used lactose free milk from Arla for this recipe. This has the least amount of carbs per 100 grams, namely 2.8 grams. You can also use plant-based milk, like almond milk or soy milk. To the milk, you add 100 grams of brown sugar substitute. I used Steviala Ery-Bronze. This is a brown sugar substitute made from erythritol sweetener. This sweetener gives a delicious, almost caramel-like, flavour to the sugar free condensed milk!

Besides sugar free ice cream, you can also make delicious chocolate fudge using this recipe for condensed milk without refined sugars. Super delicious!

sugar free condensed milk

Baking supplies

For this recipe you will need the following:

  • heavy-bottomed saucepan
  • spatula

The mentioned macros are for the whole recipe.

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Adjust Servings
1 litre lactose free milk
100 grams brown sugar substitute
1 teaspoon vanilla extract



Simmer the milk – step 1

Start with bringing the lactosefree milk to a simmer. Add the brown sugar substitute and stir until the sugar substitute completely is dissolved. Also add the vanilla extract and let the milk come to simmer again. Let this simmer for 30 to 45 minutes, while stirring frequently. Don’t let the milk boil.
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Sift the milk sheets – step 2

While the milk is simmering (and not boiling), sift the milk sheets that come to the surface. After 30 to 45 minutes, the milk has reduced in half and is thickened. Pour the sugar free condensed milk in a glass container and cover it with plastic foil. Let it completely cool down before you use it in a recipe.
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